About My name is Paul Pruitt.  I've been in IT support for 15 years.  I hold MCP, A+, Net+, HDI Helpdesk, ITIL Foundations Version II Certifications. I'm affiliated with two support providers. I worked for Digital Support Tech a couple of years ago. They specialize in the CD/DVD recovery where I learned and advanced the techniques used. My main business now is data recovery. If this do it yourself troubleshooter is beyond you, please visit their website or contact them at +1-888-490-0570, as I no longer provide anything but E-mail support on this subject. I'm also affiliated with Windows Guru Tech Support, who can provide the same support at a little cheaper rate. You can call them at +1-646- 257-3787. Both companies work with remote tools started through chats and do not require you to be on the phone, though they do recommend you watch as they work on you computer remotely and chat with you. Here are my other websites: Troubleshooting CD/DVD drive - CD/DVD troublehooter. A Sketch of an 8 Part Plant Hormone Theory - plant hormone theory. Digital-Earn.com - a list of reputable internet sites and resources that pay. Easy Leaves - alternative ideas for picking up leaves. Faster Poster - blow up a small image to poster size. Print out with panels of regular size paper. Genealogy of Life - genealogy of life on earth. S2 Press - the books I publish including my mother's book. S2 Services Data Recovery Freeware List - my list of data recovery freeware. S2 Services Freeware - my freeware. Socrtwo's Gateway - some links to computer tutorials, artwork I have done, scientific ideas etc. The Tea Party Is Right Let's Stop Spending So Much Money in The States They Represent - if you're a congressman from the Tea Party, you are 60% more likely to come from a state that receives more government funding than is taxed. If you're a Democrat congressman, you are 60% more likely to come from a state that is taxed more than receives government funding. Where Have You Been All Your Life - click on countries and states to color where you have visited.  TrueReviewed.com - highlights best selling Amazon products that have 4.5 star reviews because these are usually the "tried and true" products.